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Wednesday, October 7th, 2015
CRC RT1 tires are now in stock!!! WOW, check those specs!!! 7200mAh and 100C!  These 2s packs will help elevate your game! includes a free LIFE transmitter pack and a charger!
HOT!  The new Tekno EB48SL are in stock! HOT Hobbywing T5M are in! Rims for the RC10t4.2 and T5M, are in stock!
Charge two packs at a time! awesome Hobby Wing 1/8 controller and only $99 bucks! HOT pricing on excellent Contact 1/12th tires! We've run them they're good! Orions hottest shorty pack!
Trinitys HOT, NEW carbon 1s packs, voltage and capapcity versions LITE! Lighten and strengthen your Losi 22 driveline for $54 bucks! One of our Hottest selling 1s packs!

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