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Sunday, November 29th, 2015
Excellent car for your Trans Am racing, and affordable! The all new Revtech Pure Gold 17.5 motors! Reedy Shorty packs! Ready to run!
Not a typo, $49 bucks! will charge (2) 4s packs at one time! The power you need at the lowest price online! Get your Crawling bug cured with this kit!
HOT!  The new Tekno EB48SL are in stock! 13.5 D4 motors!! excellent stocking stuffer! 50% off on the hottest rims for F1 and GTR racing.
Reedy motor blowout sale! Lowest price ever! on the 3.0 ESC and hand wound motor! The all new XB4 2016, put one under your tree!

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