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Saturday, April 19th, 2014
Lot of the pro's now are setting their timing with amp draw numbers, like this. Runs cooler, longer, more power.  What's not to love!  Pick one up today! All new 545 size design, specs and POWER!  This is a Zombie you want! Probably the best bang for the buck in a charger.  $99 bucks!
This thing is amazing, does 1s and wifi through your phone to adjust! Great charger at a blowout price!!! Pick up a few today! :) The most colorful and over the top race shirt ever made! Awesome electric truggy at the best price! It's RACIN' TIME!
Finally, make your Slash handle like a race truck! The Hot new Associated B5 in stock at This could be the ultimate upgrade for your saddle pack race cars! The 8ight-T Truggy.  You've never driven so fast or jumped so high!  Amazing truck!
The re-release of the Iconic RC10 Worlds car, in stock! Thank you BSR!!!!  Check for your favorite compounds! The Mugen MBX7 ECO M speck 1/8 electric buggy!  AWESOME Could this be the most high peformance touring car ever made?!

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